"Structurallaneous" projects can be the most challenging and fun to work on. They combine structural steel elements and characteristics while at the same time employ a degree of "miscellaneous" flair and creativity! If you "hover" over the thumbnails, you will see some examples of the detail drawings and pictures of actual projects at different stages of completeness. The "double barrel vault" canopy with different radii, resulted in a valley rafter plate that is a "parabola" in plan view and a "parabola"in elevation view as well. This created a challenge for the detailer, but the shop was given the details necessary for a fast and successfully fabricated masterpiece!

t_83_60_16777215_canopy102.JPG t_83_60_16777215_canopy103.JPG t_83_60_16777215_canopy06.jpg
t_83_60_16777215_canopy101.JPG t_83_60_16777215_canopy03.jpg t_83_60_16777215_canopy04.jpg
t_83_60_16777215_canopy05.jpg t_83_60_16777215_canopy01.jpg t_83_60_16777215_canopy02.jpg