Industrial projects can be challenging because you are usually trying to fit the steel in and around machinery and piping. Here are a few 3D views from some of the projects we have modeled into Tekla Structures. "Hover" over the thumbnails to show a larger image.

t_83_60_16777215_ind58.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind59.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind56.JPG
t_83_60_16777215_ind57.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind504.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind505.JPG
t_83_60_16777215_ind501.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind502.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind503.JPG
t_83_60_16777215_ind109.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind106.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind107.JPG
t_83_60_16777215_ind108.JPG t_83_60_16777215_Ind104.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind105.JPG
t_83_60_16777215_Ind103.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind102.JPG t_83_60_16777215_ind101.JPG
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